Welcome Home

Napoleon’s Manhattan headquarters is quite simply incomparable. Located in New York’s nexus of creativity and technology, the vibrant Flatiron District, our 14,450 square foot custom-built dream studio was designed and constructed from the ground up in 2013. Our approach? To design a facility that adapts to advertising’s evolving needs—and yours. A modern marvel of creativity, efficiency and comfort, our space was imagined with you in mind.

Edit Suites

Stylish, spacious and inviting, Napoleon’s edit suites each feature their own ambiance, exposed brick walls, stressed leather couches and club chairs, cozy casual sofas and soothing greenery.

Individually climate-controlled and flooded with sunlight courtesy of wall-to-wall windows, all suites are fully customizable and routable, easily and quickly reconfigured from Avid to Flame to multiple Adobe work stations in a matter of minutes. Our edit suites are the perfect place to perfect your project.


Audio Suites

Napoleon’s audio suites comprise two independent control rooms, each with a unique contemporary aesthetic that combines plush appointments with polished hardwood. The rooms feature mirrored equipment, shared ISDN capabilities, a common network and separate isolation booths that can be linked or paired with either control room for simultaneous recording.

Alongside our suites is an acoustically treated stage that connects to the control rooms and enables the capture of live performances. From sound design/foley, narration and voice-over, to editing, mixing and synchronized video for any type of stereo multimedia, our audio services are designed to get you on air or online in no time.

Insert Stage & Mo-Cap

One of the most unique features of Napoleon’s facility is our stage. An accommodating space that can be configured with green, white or blue screen, the stage features a 12-camera Vicon Blade motion-capture system and a direct connection to our audio suites for the capture of live performances.

From tabletop to live action, interviews to musical performances, still photography to full 3D motion capture, our stage is both flexible and adaptable to a wide range of projects.


Bookended by our in-house Art Studio and our 3D Department, Napoleon’s production studio boasts two brainstorming booths and a huge open-air workspace that easily fits 50-plus animators, editors, designers, illustrators, modelers, compositors, scripters, character artists, motion-graphics artists, producers and creative directors.

Seamlessly tied together with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, the one-of-a-kind space is designed to inspire savvy storytelling and facilitate creative collaboration between our team and yours.


Napoleon’s dedicated client services team caters to your comfort so you can focus on being creative. It’s in the kitchen where our team’s daily efforts are alternately audible and aromatic, as the whir of a blender promises signature smoothies, the click of a cleaver foretells fresh fruit, and enticing smells indicate the presence of just-baked chocolate-chip cookies or gourmet meals from the area’s finest eateries.

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